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Welcome to the official developer documentation for Portal, a cutting edge cross-chain DEX secured by Bitcoin constructed over a Proof-of-Stake validator network. Within this documentation, you will discover detailed information about how Portal harnesses the power of non-custodial, Layer 2 HTLC-based atomic swaps and showcases its unique Automated Dynamic Market Maker (ADMM) design for instant cross-chain swaps. Through this documentation, Blockchain and DeFi Developers will explore how to leverage these features to create exceptionally efficient and seamless digital asset trading solutions within a fully decentralized ecosystem.

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A paradigm shift for true cross-chain liquidity:

The Advent of Portal: Pioneering Trustless and Censorship-Resistant Swaps

In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem, the importance of truly seamless cross-chain interoperability, particularly with Bitcoin, BRC-20 and Ordinals, has become increasingly vital. At Portal, our mission is to be at the forefront of this transformation: by offering users a groundbreaking platform for trustless, and censorship-resistant swaps of crypto assets. Our approach is distinct: We facilitate native asset swaps across different blockchains directly with BTC and the Bitcoin Ecosystem, eliminating the need for wrappers, bridges, or custodians.

Portal's infrastructure is poised to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin, catalyzing a surge in BTC's utility and value.

Portal Network: The Gateway to Hyperbitcoinization.

The vulnerabilities of centralized exchanges have been a persistent challenge/risk in the crypto ecosystem. Portal's vision is to mitigate this risk through trustless Bitcoin interoperability with other chains, leveraging fast, efficient, Layer 2 cross-chain atomic swaps. This approach promises a secure, inexpensive, and user-centric platform for asset exchange, thus opening the Portal to Hyperbitcoinization.

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Goals and Vision

  • Decentralization: Our unwavering commitment to decentralization is underpinned by audited open-source software and transparent network operations from inception.

  • Hyperbitcoinization: We envision a world where Bitcoin's adoption is accelerated through improved cross-chain coordination and innovations on Bitcoin’s Layer 2 (L2) networks, with Portal serving as a gateway.

  • Cross-Chain and Cross-Layer Capabilities: We aim to empower users with a permissionless method for swapping assets across diverse chains and networks, including Layer-1 (L1) and L2 protocols, eliminating the need for wrapped assets and mitigating liquidity fragmentation.

  • Utility-Centric Product: Our protocol focuses on pricing precision and minimizing slippage, positioning itself as a leader in the swapping protocol landscape.

  • Seamless Composability: Designed for easy integration with wallets, aggregators, and various L1 and L2 protocols, Portal extends Bitcoin’s reach and functionality.

  • Sustainable Value Capture: Aligning the protocol's success with user demand, we ensure self-sustainability and a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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