Portal Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Suite of Bitcoin Innovations

Portal Network: A Strong Federation of Peer-to-Peer Nodes

The Portal infrastructure is a sophisticated suite of technology stacks, central to which is the Portal Network. This network is a peer-to-peer (P2P) system composed of independent nodes operating PortalOS, organized as a Strong Federation. This structure ensures robustness, security, and efficiency in our decentralized ecosystem.

PortalOS: The Operating System for Decentralized Swaps

PortalOS is a specialized operating system designed to run a suite of services essential for the Portal P2P Network. It's versatile and accessible, available in various formats like Bootable Live-CD/Live-USB, Amazon Machine Image (AMI), Google Cloud Image, and Netboot for PXE booting. This flexibility allows for seamless integration across different platforms and infrastructures.

Native Chain Contracts

At the heart of the Portal ecosystem are the Native Chain Contracts, which govern swap logic and payments on chains supporting Portal network operations. These contracts facilitate user interactions through clients via the Portal Swap SDK.

Portal Swap SDK

The SDK is a comprehensive toolkit comprising libraries and tools for efficient interaction with the Portal network. It provides a streamlined interface for the Portal DEX, wallets, and crypto-asset management, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

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