Validator to Trader Interaction

The steps below illustrate a simple set of interactions between a trader and an LP pool and Validator set.

  1. Carol has funds and wants to earn rewards by providing service to the validator network

  2. Carol uses her funds to buy ERC-20 token $XPORT from Ethereum Network

  3. Carol uses her $XPORT token to bid for validator slot in the Validator network auction

  4. If Carol has enough funds to win the validator slot in the action, Carol gets the invitation to join the Validator network authority set

  5. Carol successfully participates in the keygen, rotation ceremony and becomes a part of the Authority set

  6. Carol witnesses the incoming swap intents and participates in the consensus with the Authority set

  7. Carol with other validators broadcast the swap intent to ADMM and broadcast the output of swap intent with price and fees to the matched LPs

  8. Once LP/LPs match with the swap intent, Carol and other validators witness atomic swap between LP/LPS and Trader

  9. Rewards will be accumulated to Authority set at the end of epoch in $XPORT tokens

  10. A fraction of fees accumulated from every swap will be used to buy $XPORT from the open market contractually and burn to continuously equilibrate the supply of $XPORT tokens to the demand for spot and other cross-chain markets.

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