Use Cases

Portal’s Notary Chain is a highly customized application specific chain built to support fast and cheap transaction recordings to enable swaps. However, the primitives on native chains and the coordinator can support multiple use cases. Some of the potential use cases are explored below:

  • Non-custodial Peer-Peer Swaps

  • AMMs on Cross-Chains

  • Multi-chain money market aggregation - Users can stake a token as collateral on chain A and borrow an asset on chain B.

  • Cross-chain composability leads to complex use cases by plugging contracts on chain A with chain B.

  • Seamless swapping of gaming assets between different gaming platforms that use various blockchains.

  • Inter communication between blockchains and AI related platforms to prove model provenance.

  • Cross-chain Governance

  • Option Contracts on Bitcoin/Lightning network

  • Escrow service on Lightning network

  • Off-chain smart contracts on Lightning network using Portals Bitcoin L3.

Portal Network is launching with the first 2 products described above (P2P swaps, AMM swaps) but expect developers to take advantage of the SDK in building advanced applications.

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